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About Us

American eWarranty has been providing stability to the new home industry for more than a decade. Founded in 2003, American eWarranty serves homeowners, builders, Realtors, loan processors, mortgage lenders, title companies and developers. Some of the largest builders in America trust American eWarranty with their warranties.


Our warranties strengthen a builder's reputation and provide assurance and peace of mind to homeowners. American eWarranty  and its subsidiary, American eBuilder, are also proud to be the first name professionals think of when lenders and home buyers across the United States need a HUD, VA, or FHA approved, insurance-backed warranty.

Benefits to You

Framed house with bulldozer and construction materials.

Having an American eWarranty limited written warranty on a new, single-family home, townhouse or condominium demonstrates that the builder has met or surpassed underwriting requirements and is interested in providing the best new-home product to his homeowners. Homeowners love an American eWarranty limited written warranty because they have in writing the items and issues guaranteed to be warranted by the builder.


The limited written warranty helps homeowners avoid the pitfalls that are often associated with verbal promises or statements between the parties. You, the homeowner, know up front exactly what will be covered by the warranty, for what duration and what is considered homeowners' maintenance. With an American eWarranty limited written warranty, builders and homeowners alike find comfort in its arbitration provision. If an impasse arises between a homeowner and a builder, this provision brings in an arbitrator to hear the respective positions and resolve the impasse without protracted litigation and its associated expense.

Is Your Builder a Member?

When you begin working with a builder, Realtor or developer to plan your new home, be sure the new home includes an American eWarranty 10-Year New Home Warranty.


If the builder you are considering is not currently a member of the American eWarranty program, ask them to contact us so that we may share with them all the benefits of providing you with an American eWarranty limited written warranty.


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