Why Do I Need a 10 Year Warranty on My New Home?

Reasons why you should ask your builder to provide an

American eWarranty new home warranty:

Our warranties are HUD, FHA/VA and USDA-approved, saving you and your builder time and money.

Your home is the biggest investment of your life! If you bought a new, big-screen TV, and 8 months later, it stopped operating, would you expect the manufacturer to fix it? Of course you would, because you received a written warranty that stated the TV would work for longer than 8 months. So why would you accept a 1-year implied warranty on your new home? It only makes sense to ask your builder to provide a limited written 10-year warranty from American eWarranty.

A warranty from American eWarranty is completely transferable. If you decide to sell your home within the first 10 years of your home ownership, the remaining portion of the warranty from American eWarranty automatically transfers to the subsequent owner. This transferability makes your home more appealing when it's placed on the market.

Even quality builders can fail financially for reasons beyond their control. If your builder goes bankrupt, American eWarranty's insurance carrier steps in to cover the builder's warranty obligations.

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At American eWarranty you have a limited written warranty. You know exactly what will be covered by the warranty, and for how long. You can also see what items are considered homeowner maintenance.

If a future impasse should arise between you and your builder, American eWarranty will arrange for an arbitration service to resolve the issue(s), saving you litigation expenses.